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Through the Felix Fomengia Foundation and our School Tech Project, It was a great privilege to share with students of the Higher Institute of Professional Studies. Our session focused on Introducing students to Project-Based Approaches highlighting how at this level they can already start aiming, engaging in projects and solving problems around them…and also How the Students can Utilize Technology in Learning.

It was a great time and I am happy to see how engaged and also how much these students acquired from the session.

I am thankful to the amazing team (Priscian Ida, Nkuiate Harris Sop, Eyong Eyong Ako, and Ndelle Herbert) who they also shared their experiences with the students and also on the topic, how students can utilize technology in learning and maximizing the best as students.

Thanks to the Director of HIPS Cameroon, and his entire staff for granting us this opportunity of working with the students.

Thanks to the support from our sponsor Buyâm HQ, made possible by Mambe Churchill Nanje.

We hope and plan to engage more students and institutions across the country. The School Project is an initiative of the Felix Fomengia Foundation and aims at equipping students with information communication technology skills and computer literacy. Introducing students to Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Project-Based Approaches.

Felix Fomengia