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The event took place on Wednesday, 16th November 2022, facilitated by Chevening Programme Officers in attendance of Chevening Scholars and Entrepreneurs.

It was a great privilege and honour for me to attend Chevening’s Circles: Entrepreneurship event, an interactive networking session celebrating National Entrepreneur’s Day- share exciting ideas, exchange tips, and be inspired.

The radical inventions and bold new ideas of entrepreneurs shape the world we live in today. 

I joined over 50 scholars and entrepreneurs as we discussed entrepreneurship/business ventures, sharing advice and inspirations for future innovations.

We had several breakout sessions and separated into a group of five. In our small group, we networked and learned about each other, our work, entrepreneurial projects and businesses. We then discussed and exchanged views on entrepreneurship, some challenges entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them, advice for entrepreneurs and sharing business ideas/projects we have worked on or are proud of.

I used this opportunity to share my journey as a tech entrepreneur and how I developed an innovative study app, the Cameroon GCE Guide App, to help students find exam resources to prepare for their examinations in Cameroon adequately. Today it has helped over 20,000 students prepare for their exams in the past years. I also learned from fellow scholars’ projects and their entrepreneurship journeys, the challenges faced and how they overcame them.

I remain very grateful to @Chevening for such a fantastic event and an excellent opportunity to network and learn from other scholars/entrepreneurs, as I am very inspired learning from the experiences of others.

-Felix Fomengia

Social Media Ambassador

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