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We had the great honour of attending Chevening’s event on how to manage exam stress, a motivational event hosted by experts on how to deal with exam stress and having our minds focused in light of upcoming exams and many assignments and coursework.

During this event, we learned several ways to cultivate and maintain deeper states of focus and flow, enabling us to tackle revision schedules and focus during exams with greater ease.

It was a great time to learn how we can defeat distractions and focus intensely on what matters regarding our coursework and academic and professional aspects. The event featured many breakout sessions where we shared, discussed and learned from amongst ourselves and other scholars.

Following this event, we have learned how to deal with distraction and procrastination, basic neuroscientific and psychological concepts to enhance our capabilities, and many techniques to optimise productivity daily and an ability to create and maintain focus.

We remain grateful to Chevening for this opportunity. The event comes very timely as we are preparing for exams and many due coursework and assessments.

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