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Felix Fomengia is an innovative tech entrepreneur and innovator from Cameroon passionate with a zeal to solving problems around his community with the use of ICT and inspiring and empowering the younger generation who are passionate about ICT in bringing change, designing, and creating innovative solutions which solve societal problems in their communities.

Based on Felix’s burning passion to lead, innovate and create, Felix Fomengia founded Light-Gate Solutions, a high-tech startup aimed at helping individuals embrace and explore the advantage of the digital age. He has been able to design and develop over a hundred mobile apps and over 50 websites for organizations.

As a highly innovative leader, Felix saw a gap in the education sector, predominantly the difficulty to access examination resources among students in the conflict regions of Cameroon. The conflict in the anglophone regions placed students at a disadvantage, and this inspired Felix to develop an offline mobile app called the Cameroon GCE Guide App, which is a learning tool for students to study remotely and prepare for their exams amid security challenges. This application so far has reached over 15,000 users (downloads), and the impact is evident from the testimonials from users as students across secondary and high schools are self-studying as a result of the tool. This application has been greatly used in the early periods of the COVID-19 pandemic which shut down schools in Cameroon for several months. 

Through this mobile startup and solution in collaboration with an Open Dream (an educational NGO) and the U.S. Embassy Yaoundé, Felix was one of the facilitators for the Training Program for Secondary School Educators and Teachers in Cameroon on the use of Instructional Technology for Distance Education, where he presented his innovative app to over 50 Teachers as a tool of learning for Distance Learning and Crisis Moments. Felix was equally a speaker at the National Forum of Startup on the Contribution of the Development of the Economy where he presented the EdTech solution to over 100 secondary and high school teachers including stakeholders of the educational sector and the media in attendance of the Governor of Littoral Region, Mayor, Divisional Officer and other executives, later leading to a panel discussion on proposing optional methods of dissemination of knowledge and providing education with the use of technology.

Felix through this initiative has had the privilege to visit over 40 secondary and high schools across the country where he presented his mobile solution to students, and how students can make use of the app in studying, and in other sessions having talks with students introducing them to project-based learning how at this level they can already start aiming and solving societal problems around them. He held a workshop at First Class Training School Seven Academy located in Douala, Cameroon where he trained young engineering students of the institution on how they can build mobile apps that solve problems in their communities, from idea to development and how they can promote, monetize and scale the apps.

Within the tech ecosystem, Felix’s influencing ability has grown in breadth and depth as He has had the privilege to be a guest speaker in over 30 top-notch events in the country. For instance, In early June 2021, Felix was honoured to be a speaker for the National Campaign and Sensitization to Promote Cybersecurity Culture and the Responsible Use of social media during the working visit of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications H.E. Minette Libom, in Buea, South West Region. In the event which brought together over 1,000 students and participants, Felix led a presentation, on how students and the general public can make good and responsible use of social, sharing practical examples of how he made good use of social media to contribute to the growth of some of his projects. In the end, through my presentation, students and participants learnt practical ways to make good use of social media, contributing to the campaign’s objectives and the minister’s visit.

Felix collaborated with Youth Empowerment Actors (a youth-led NGO) in facilitating the National Youth Emergency Plan for Entrepreneurs and Youth Leaders’ Summit held in Buea, Cameroon which brought together over 100 youths from across the Nation in collaboration with African Union, PSTV, Media Afrique, and Youth Empowerment Actors, where he shared on how the over 100 participants can Build an Effective commercial online presence in Cameroon.

Felix equally served as a facilitator and panellist for the Pan African Youth Capacity Building and Entrepreneurial Conference, leading discussions on the role of youths in the realization of Agenda 2063 which brought over 80 youths where he focused on youths getting skills and encouraging youth entrepreneurship, and problem-solving as his points. He was one of the key speakers at the Unleashing your Potential Conference where he spoke to over 30 youths on how they can identify their potential, in every domain and how they can make use of their potential to become leaders and problem-solvers in their communities.

He has led campaigns with telecom giant Orange Cameroon, during its Information Session and Campaign for the Annual Orange Social Venture Prize Competition which seeks to reward the Best Technological Projects with Impact in Africa, Felix as a past winner had the opportunity to share with aspiring entrepreneurs and applicants of the prestigious competition on how they can better problem solvers and how to win the prize worth 2 Million Francs CFA.

He also developed Cameroon’s first motivation app called Coders Motivation, which aims to keep programmers and software developers motivated in their lonely pursuits. Coders Motivation is the first motivation app that Cameroon has produced providing Developers with Best Practices, Effective Resume Writing, Inspiring Quotes, and Developer Success Stories. The application acquired over 500+ downloads and users just in a month after its release. Today over 1,000+ students across Cameroon have benefited from the Coders Motivation App especially young university students at the University of Buea.

Felix, for his exemplary accomplishments and impact in his field, has notable awards and commendations such as the 2022 Kmertech European Union TIE Champion Award, 2021 Cameroon Achievers Award, 2020 Cameroon Achievers Award, Best Project Education at the Premium Awards by the University of Buea, and 2019 Digital Citizenship of the year for remarkable efforts in using social media and technology to advance solutions to the country’s most pressing problems.

Felix is truly a remarkable change maker, a beacon of hope and an inspiration to many young people in Cameroon. We applaud Felix Fomengia for his selfless services and commitment to nation-building.